Tax Reclamation

Who needs OCI’s Tax Reclaim Service?
Any holder of international securities; Investment Banks, Pension Funds, Asset Managers, Private Banks, Fund Managers, High Net-Worth Individuals, Hedge Funds. Typically holders of foreign investments are taxed at high statutory withholding rates by foreign governments. Luckily agreements between foreign governments exist making it possible for a portion of the withholding on the investment income to be “reclaimed”. The foreign tax authorities will hold the excess funds for a Statute of Limitation period, after which they are no longer “reclaimable”.

What we do
The variation from market to market regarding documentation and reporting requirements make the reclamation process somewhat complex and often manual. Interpreting the numerous treaties and filling out the applications correctly are paramount to the success of the process. OCI’s expertise, experience and worldwide network guarantee a flawless process. We maximize investment returns utilizing our unique three step process:

Validate original income payments
OCI will reconcile your trading activity versus your original income payments to insure that the original income was paid correctly.

Validate Reclaims
OCI will reconcile the withholdings on original income payments versus Tax Reclaim Entitlements to insure that every entitled reclaim has been generated.

Expedite Reclaim Processing
Having the correct reclaim generated is only half the battle - and the easy half at that. Once the reclaim is generated, the correct forms must be completed, documents gathered and certified, and the reclaim filed. OCI’s expertise, experience and worldwide network guarantee that the process is as expeditious as possible by ensuring that reclaims are filed timely and in good form.

How are you handling withholding tax reclaims on cross-border investment income?

*Not at all - Then you are missing out on thousands, if not millions of dollars of potential tax reclaim entitlements.

*Letting your Custodian handle them - OCI has worked closely with custodians for over 25 years. We are intimately familiar with their processes, needs and nuances. OCI will ensure that you receive EVERY entitlement in a timely fashion.

*Doing them yourself - Is this cost effective? Can you keep up with the fast changing requirements of dozens of tax jurisdictions worldwide? Are you getting every entitlement? Our low fees and expertise enable us to save you money and ensure no reclaims are missed.

*Paying a 3rd party to do the reclaims for you - Why pay a fortune? Other reclaim firms create a separate, expensive, reclaim process. We work with your existing custodian resulting in an expeditious, efficient and accurate process. Call us today to compare rates and fees.